What to Take to the Pool: Pool Must Haves


Swimming is not only a fantastic way to stay fit, but also a way to promote self-acceptance and a positive body image. Whether you're doing laps in the pool or simply enjoying a day at the pool with friends, the right swimming equipment can both boost your performance and increase the fun factor. What to take to the pool you ask yourself? We have got you covered! Find the ultimate pool packing list in this article. Our guide provides you with a comprehensive overview and practical tips on the most important pool necessities you should bring to the pool.

Top pool must-haves for swimming:

  •     Stylish swimwear
  •     Swimming goggles
  •     Swimming cap
  •     Bath slippers
  •     Water bottle
  •     Towel
  •     Care products
  •     Padlock
  •     Training equipment


Pool Bag Essential No 1: Stylish Swimwear

Choosing your swimwear is the first step to feeling comfortable and confident in the water. Look for materials that are not only comfortable to wear but can also withstand chlorine. It's important to find a style that flatters your body type and allows you to move freely. Experiment with different cuts and find what suits you best and gives you the most confidence when deciding what to wear to the pool.


Bikinis offer an incredible variety of cuts that allow every woman to emphasize her individual beauty and strength. There is a bikini to suit every shape: from high-waist bikini bottoms that provide great support and conceal the tummy to sporty styles that offer optimum support for every swimming movement. Each variant has its own charm and offers different advantages, depending on whether you want more support or want to minimize tan lines. Would you like to find out more about the individual bikini models? Then read our bikini guide, where you will find all the information about the different bikini cuts.

 → If you regularly go swimming and prefer sporty bikinis, then take a look at our sporty surf bikinis.


Swimsuits are the perfect choice for swimmers looking for a seamless combination of style, comfort and functionality. Not only do they offer a flattering silhouette, but also the assurance that everything stays in place when diving, jumping or swimming fast.

Modern swimsuits come in a variety of designs - from tie strapped onesies toslim coverage onesies and full coverage onesies. Another advantage is the larger fabric surface, which offers more room for creative patterns, colors and details. Swimsuits are therefore not only a practical but also a stylish choice that emphasizes self-confidence and feminine strength.


Pool Bag Essential No 2: Swimming Goggles

What else do you need for swimming? Good swimming goggles are essential to see clearly underwater and protect your eyes. Look for models with UV protection and choose clear or tinted lenses depending on your swimming environment. Goggles that fit well prevent water from entering and allow you to concentrate fully on your swimming technique.

Tip: Put on your swimming goggles as soon as you get into the pool. This gives you the opportunity to get used to the feeling of wearing them before you even start your swimming training.

Pool Bag Essential No 3: Swimming Cap

Not only are swim caps functional by reducing drag and protecting your hair from chlorine, but they can also make a fashion statement. Choose a cap that matches your personality, be it in a bright color or with a unique pattern.

Tip: Make sure you wear your swimming cap correctly: up to the center of the forehead and not just up to the hairline and pull it well over both ears. If you have long hair, opt for a swimming caps with an enlarged shape on sale.


Alt-text: Female swimmer in swimming costume with pink stripes and red swimming goggles.

Pool Bag Essential No 4: Bathing Slippers or Flip Flops

A must for every visit to the pool. Slippers or flip flops are not only practical providing a secure grip at the edge of the pool, but they also ensure hygiene. In shower rooms and changing rooms, they protect your feet from direct contact with the floor. Bathing slippers are a tried and tested classic that has established itself over the years.

Pool Necessities: What Else Not to Forget? 

Here are some other essentials you should pack in your swim bag to make your swimming experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

  •     Water bottle: Even if you don't feel it immediately while swimming, your body dehydrates. It is therefore important to drink regularly to balance your fluid levels. Always pack a water bottle and take the opportunity to drink before and after swimming to prevent dehydration.
  • Towel or bathrobe: Whilst some swimming pools provide towels, it is common for you to have to bring your own. A cozy bathrobe can be particularly useful if you want to warm up after swimming or simply need a comfortable cover for the walk between the pool and changing room.
  • Care products: The chlorine water can damage your skin and hair. So don't forget your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. For additional care after swimming, moisturizer, body lotion and a nourishing hair serum are recommended to compensate for effects of chlorine on the skin. In summer, sun cream is a must when visiting an outdoor pool!
  • Padlock: Many swimming pools offer lockers, but not always with a lock. Bringing your own padlock provides security and peace of mind while you're in the water. Find out in advance about the type of lockers at the pool so that you can pack the right lock.
  • Swimming training equipment: Training aids such as pull buoys, kickboards and fins can help you improve your technique andswimming muscles. And for those who like to track their progress, swim watches are a great way to measure your performance and set goals.

So, before you head out for a swim, make sure you have a waterproof bag for your wet gear. Don't forget to take your personal care products for the shower afterwards and a nutritious snack to replenish your energy reserves after your workout. Which snacks are suitable for a swimming workout, you ask? Feel free to read our article on sport and nutrition, where you’ll find the answer!

Important Note: Take Care of Your Swimwear!

Proper care is essential to ensure that your swimming gear stays with you for a long time. Rinse your bikinis with fresh water after each use and store them in a dry place to protect them from damage. We have put together a complete guide on washing bikinis where you can find all the information you need.


Swimming is an enriching experience for the body and mind. With the right equipment, this experience becomes even more enjoyable and effective. From stylish swimwear and practical swimming goggles to essentials such as water bottles and towels - our what-to-bring-to-the-pool checklist has shown you the top swimming essentials for a day at the pool. Immerse yourself in the world of swimming and enjoy every moment in the water - you have everything you need to be successful!

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