Feeling good – this summer’s best new bikini trend

As the world moves towards another glorious summer, most of us are getting vacay-ready in one way or another. And whether you’re hitting the beach abroad, planning to soak up the sun in your local lido or even just getting in a couple of laps in the pool before work, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a spectacular pair of bikinis while you’re at it.


Are you looking for inspiration on what to wear to the water this summer? Then you’re in the right place! Let’s take a look at some swimwear trends to keep an eye out for this season – the way we see them here at Jolyn.


Bikinis are cool, you are cooler


No matter where you’re planning on donning a bikini this summer, the best trick to picking one is making sure you feel great in it. And this goes beyond to finding the right cut for your body type (you can read all about that in this article). What’s more important is getting bikinis that reflect you.


Style is an extension of our personality, so it’s no wonder that some pieces of clothing make us feel better than others. They enhance who we are. While some women prefer garments of understated simplicity, others like to go loud and bold.


The best part about wearing what we like however, is how our style and our self-esteem miraculously feed off each other. It’s a well-known fact that with the right piece of clothing on, we feel like we can conquer the world, society’s standards of how our bodies should look be damned.


When we feel great, others see it. And with bikinis, it’s no different. So, are you ready to rule this summer in your new swimsuit?


Make waves with the Surf collection


Bikinis have always been the domain of women, so it only makes sense to us that women design them. Our new Surf collection is no exception, being designed by female athletes for female athletes, professional or not, much like everything we do at Jolyn.


But the merits of the spring 2022 Surf collection don’t end there. All the pieces in this range are made with Recycled Sea-Flex, a fabric made of recycled fishing nets and other discarded nylon. Apart from being sustainable, the fabric’s properties make it perfect for both free-time and athletic applications, meaning they’re just great good for lounging on the beach but they also offer much needed support during surfing.


The Surf collection features a wide array of bikinis and one-piece swim costumes in a variety of styles and cuts. Ranging from classy black numbers to rich pastels and even print statement pieces that scream ‘I love summer’, the Surf collection is full of beach-worthy jewels that work just as great for more performance-based endeavours.


Should one colour not be enough for you, you’re free to mix and match. Pick your top, pick your bottom, get them in the colour you prefer and get to swimming. Check out our Surf collection and spearhead this summer’s bikini trends!


Surf collection


Contrasts make everything more fun


If riding the waves is not really your thing and you’re looking for swimming attire that can keep up with your tempo, we’ve got your back. Meet the Contrasts Limited Edition!


The way we see it, even the usual weekday swim deserves a touch of flair whether you’re a pro training for a competition or just someone who likes to keep fit by going to the pool regularly.


Eschewing one-colour swimsuits, the Contrasts Limited Edition is a collection of swimming training costumes for anyone who likes to swim in style.


Favouring playful summery shades as the main colour, Contrasts onesies feature fun little details that zhuzh up the overall look. Rainbow stretch bands here, a colourful strap there – who said breaststroke can’t be cheerful?


Contrasts is a Limited Edition only, so if you want to get your hands on some of these funky pieces, go right ahead. And if your poolmates ask where you got them, don’t keep it to yourself, eh?


Contrasts collection


Just you and the water


Much like any girl, we like pretty things. After all, that is one of the main driving forces behind every item of swimwear we bring, the Surf and Contrasts collections being no exception.


But at the end of the day, the best bikini trend – and the one we will always advocate – is being yourself. We just thought we’d reiterate that. We hope that today’s article helped you find a piece of swimwear that tickled your fancy.


Have a Jolyn good summer!

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